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The place that brings you closer to the best online casinos in Denmark.

New casinos regularly open up for the Danish market and it can be a jungle to find around which one is the best and which ones are at the other end of the spectrum.

There are many rotten vessels in the casino world, also here in Denmark, and we made it our duty to clean it up.

So with help from our side, you are fully prepared for where you can play with peace of mind, and over time we will also make a list of which casinos you should stay away from.

Good Casinos right now in 2024

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Trustworthy casinos in Denmark

For many who want to try the casinos, it can be difficult to find a place for one. This has now been remedied with Finding the right online casino where the repayment percentage is high can be difficult to find. At there is always help available and you can be sure that the advice you get is the best. This article will be based on those who meet the requirements for a license in Denmark. How security is at the Danish casinos, what characterizes a good casino.

Licenses in Denmark

When you, as a new player, search for the best online casinos, there are many options. Everything is gathered under one at Here you can be sure that all casinos meet Danish standards and have the necessary licenses. Safety for the players is alpha and omega and a casino can lose players if you do not feel safe. The Danish online casinos have Danish licenses that have been issued by the Danish authorities, which means that they have gone through difficult tests to get it issued.

How does a casino create security

You can feel safe at the Danish online gambling sites. Whether you are into table games or video machines. Everything takes place according to Danish legislation and most machines are supplied by Evolution Gaming, who are the largest on the market.

Customer satisfaction

The advantage of having a site like is that different people come with inputs about their experiences with casinos. Some are good, others are bad, while for others it has been a great success.

What is most important to you?

Let us make it simple for you.

Tell us what you value most and we will give you the best result. We know all the good Danish casinos and know their strengths and weaknesses and do not compromise on credibility, despite the fact that we live off advertising revenue from the same casinos.

So scroll down a bit and see who we recommend next to each of the statements below and see the dedicated casino which, from our (relatively experienced) perspective, best covers the various categories, so that together with you we can find just the casino that suits best for your casino needs!

Best casinos

  • Mr Green
  • MariaCasino

What the three good casinos have in common is that they are the only ones that have not received any negative ratings from

This is why we have chosen at that these casinos receive good feedback. A bit like trustpilot so that others can read about the experiences of people who have tried the casinos.ätigät/

Good Casinos: selection of bonuses and games

The first casino in the article we will look at is and their games and bonus system.

Bonus and welcome spins for Videoslots in 2023

One of the newer good casinos in Denmark is the extremely popular and international online casino Videoslots . Videoslots have a large selection of video machines and are extremely generous with their bonus. As a customer, you can be sure that the graphics on the machines are perfect. The supplier of the software comes from one of the largest on the market.

100% deposit match up to DKK 1,000.

Their bonus program is also not to be mistaken. As new players, video slots welcome them with a deposit bonus of 100% up to DKK 1,000. This means that your deposit will be matched. However, they have a limit on how much you can make from deposits for your deposit bonus.

As with all other online casino bonuses, there are also some conditions attached to this welcome bonus. As a customer, you should and must always read it so that there is no unpleasant experience later.

For this VideoSlots bonus, the bonus amount and the deposit must be played through a minimum of 10 times before any winnings can be paid out. You have 60 days to do that, which gives you plenty of time and sets you up for lots of games right from the start. If for one reason or another you do not comply with the rules for the bonus, it is forfeited.

Good Casinos: MrGreen casino

At MrGreen you can choose three types of welcome bonuses and they depend on which type of online game appeals to me the most.

You can choose from the following:

  • Casino Bonus
  • Sports Bonus
  • Live Casino Cashback

Casino bonus

You must first create an account with MrGreen. It is free and you are automatically awarded 50 Cash Spins for the slot machine “Book of Dead”. It requires no deposit. You can also make use of a deposit bonus at the same time. It works by depositing an amount, a maximum of DKK 1,000, and then Mr Green gives you a deposit bonus of 100% on top of that.

So in other words, if you deposit DKK 1,000, Mr Green matches your deposit with a further DKK 1,000 for a total of DKK 2,000.

Sports Bonus

You must create a gaming account with MrGreen and you will immediately receive an extra bet or bet of DKK 500. Your extra bet is paid out in cash and without a play-through requirement. You also get the same bonus as the “Casino Bonus” advantage, namely 50 Cash Spins for “Book of Dead”.

Live Casino Cashback

When you have created a gaming account with MrGreen, you get 100% Cashback for MrGreen’s Live Casino. You have the option to deposit an amount from 75 DKK and up to 500 DKK. Mr Green gives you 100% above the deposited amount as a bonus. If you should be unlucky with your first deposit, you will get your deposit back as a cashback.

At the same time, you get 50 free Cash Spins for “Book of Dead” which can be activated immediately.

Good Casinos: Maria casino as one of the leading in the Nordics

As one of the leading and most popular good casinos in Denmark, since its foundation in 2006 it has grown bigger and bigger to now be one of the biggest. Not just in Denmark, but also for the Nordics. As the name suggests, Maria Casino started out as a casino aimed at women. However, this has later changed, and today it is a casino for all types of players who want a large selection on a nice and clear page.

Welcome bonus at Maria Casino

When you register as a player at Maria Casino, it is possible to get a casino bonus in the form of cash free spins. To get your welcome bonus, you only need to register and deposit a minimum of DKK 100. However, there are rules and you will not be able to receive free spins if you deposit with PayPal, Ukash, PaysafeCard, bank transfer, Skrill or Neteller . When you have made your deposit, you will then receive 100 free spins, which is DKK 100 in the corresponding amount.

As something very special, Maria Casino has a benefit program where you get lost money back. With this, you get 10% cashback back on any losses for each week. There are no requirements for registration or playing through amounts. Every Monday it is awarded and goes straight into your gaming account.

Playthrough requirements for the bonus

At Maria Casino, the so-called free spins are offered. The 100 free spins must be played through within 60 days, and only apply to selected machines. Therefore, always remember to check which machine(s) the bonus offer applies to. Prizes from the awarded free spins do not have any turnover requirements, and are deposited directly into your account.

Maria Casino’s Gaming Committee

Maria Casino’s large selection of games and gaming helps make them one of the most popular among players. Here you can find everything from table games, slot machines and bingo to the classic casino games such as roulette and blackjack. The atmosphere is good and the only thing missing before you as a player feel like you are in a real casino is the red carpet.


At Maria Casino you will find a large selection of table games. This of course also applies to roulette. This game has been the same throughout the century and hard not to mention as the favorite of the players as it has been for many years. At Maria Casino, it is within the live casino that you can find roulette. Here there is a large selection with the completely traditional versions such as European, French and American roulette. There are also a number of special editions, such as ‘Speed ​​Auto Roulette’ and Arabic Roulette.


Who doesn’t know about blackjack and of course Maria Casino also has it in their portfolio. Here there is a large selection of the classic game. There are several tables with the completely traditional version, but also a few special versions of blackjack. Here you will find eg ‘Power Blackjack’, where the rules for doubling and splitting are different compared to traditional blackjack, and which provides a completely different gaming experience.


As one of the few online casinos on the market in Denmark, Maria Casino offers bingo. There is a selection of different bingo rooms where you fight with other players for great prizes and big jackpots. There are also a number of mini games, such as the ‘Danmarksspillet’, where you can quickly get the real bingo experience without any hassle. Funny anecdote. Before Maria casino was named casino, it was called Maria bingo.

Slot machines

The selection of slot machines at Maria Casino is top notch. In the large selection, you will find games from the largest and most recognized providers of slot machines on the web. There are also from a number of smaller providers, which help to give Maria Casino a wide selection, which also includes a number of exclusive games.

One of the ways in which Maria Casino stands out from other casinos is the selection of slot machines with jackpots. The big prizes are available if you have enough ice in your stomach to go for the jackpots. One of the good games at the slot machines is ‘Divine Fortune’, where the jackpot can reach hundreds of thousands of kroner.


At Maria Casino you will find different versions of poker. There is a large selection of tables. You can eg try the popular ‘Ultimate Texas Hold’em’ available in the live casino.

As something very special, Maria Casino offers the game ‘HexaPro Poker’. In this version of poker, a random multiplier is chosen after you choose your bet. The amount can be doubled up to 1000x your bet.

Live Casino

At Maria Casino it is also possible to play in the live casino. In the selection, you will find the classic table games such as baccarat, poker, blackjack and roulette. It is not the largest selection, but the classic table games are to be found, and the quality of the games is at the same time top notch. The graphics do not fail either if you feel you are at a physical table.

Maria Casino has everything you would expect in terms of game selection and more. The selection is as you would expect, and they offer extra by having games like bingo and ‘HexaPro Poker’ which make the site stand out from others on the market.

What does the Danish legislation look like for bonus schemes

As some of the latest from the Danish gaming authorities, you must now play through bonuses 10x before you can withdraw them. It is a new rule that has been put into effect over the past few years. This may lead some to choose other foreign casinos where the requirements are not so strict. However, one thing is certain. If you choose one of the three casinos above, you don’t have to worry about your bets or the bonuses.

Age requirements to play at the good casinos

According to Danish law, you must be 18 years old to play online casino. Just like if you want to visit a physical casino, you must be 18 to enter. When you register at a Danish online casino, the registration takes place according to all the rules of the art. You must confirm your identity. This is done by NemID, and everything must be documented. The payment card must be in the user’s name as well as all information entered when registering. Security is top notch, so you as a player can feel safe. Once set up there is a huge selection of games and tons of hours of fun waiting for you.

Good casinos with lots of entertainment and excitement

Playing at online casinos has become more popular than ever before. There are a number of reasons for this. In the past, casino games were something that either took place in fine clothes and exclusivity in a real casino or on slot machines in a dark arcade. Now it’s completely different! Everyone has the opportunity to experience the very special thrill of playing at a casino from their own home. You can play where and when it suits you. And a selection of games that is bigger than ever before, there is something for every taste and playing style.

Online casinos are currently developing rapidly. There are more and more customers, and this also means that new casinos and new games are coming at a pace like never before. This is a big advantage for you as a player. The casinos come up with better and better offers and bonuses to attract new customers. At the same time, game developers are busier than ever to develop completely new and ground-breaking games. So it has never been as popular and exciting to play at an online casino as it is right now.

A greater selection of games than ever before

There is plenty of news to look forward to at the online casinos right now. Whether you are into slots, classic casino games or live casino. Common to all the games is that they are available in a wide selection; from the old, well-known classics to the brand new ones with ground-breaking functions and excitement that is absolutely top notch. There are games for all kinds of players. Both those who chase the adrenaline and the really big win and those who just want to play to relax and have fun after a long day. Read more here about the different games and find the right game for you.

Slot machines

The slot machines, or slot games as they are also called, are a real classic at the casino that you probably already know. Where the first slot machines were quite simple with just three reels and only a few possibilities for winning, it is something completely different now. If you hadn’t seen how the machines have developed since the first ones, you would be surprised for sure! The graphics, colors and sounds have really been turned up to create a very special atmosphere that is hard to get enough of. And with plenty of bonus features, free spins and the possibility of countless winning lines, playing slots has never been more exciting.

The selection of slots is almost impossible to describe. There is a sea of ​​themes to choose from, from those with the classic, well-known symbols to the newer games where there is something for all interests. You can find slots with themes from different countries and mythologies, eg Asia, Western or the Nordic gods. There are also colorful fruits, dark and dangerous mines and caves filled with treasures or funny animals. What they all have in common is the thrill of watching the wheels spin as you approach the big win. And of course, each slot machine is completely its own – some are built for excitement and the big emotions with high volatility and huge jackpots, while others have a relaxing atmosphere with even volatility and several, smaller wins. So it’s just a matter of trying until you find the game that suits you and your mood.

Casino games

If you are more into the classic casino games where you can use both your luck and your tactics, then there are also good opportunities for this online. You can play Roulette, Blackjack and Poker on the vast majority of sites. Some sites even have more special games like Baccarat or others. There are both the completely common and widespread variants of the games, but also completely new types that you won’t find in the real casinos. Side-bets, Bet-Behind functions and much more ensure that the games never get boring. This applies regardless of how seasoned a player you are. Some sites even offer speed versions of the games if you just don’t have the patience to wait for a dealer to fumble around or for the ball to go round and round on the Roulette wheel before deciding whether you have won the very big prize.

If you are completely new to the casino games and just want to learn them quietly at your own pace, then there is no better place to do this than at the online casino. You can play completely quietly without being stressed about fellow players around you. It is also possible to read more about the rules and how to play along the way, so that you always understand what is happening in the game and how to best place your bet.

Live casino

Do you love the exclusive atmosphere of the classic casinos in real life? And is it an important part of the experience for you to play against a real dealer and with real fellow players? Then live casino is made for you.

Here you play with a real dealer in real time. The casino is therefore streamed directly onto your screen, so you get the full casino experience. The only difference is that there is no need to put on the nice clothes or get up from the sofa. You have access to all the best casino games and the same excitement and atmosphere from your computer or mobile.

Many of the biggest casino sites have a truly fantastic quality of their live casinos. The images are in HD quality. Many even have dealers who speak Danish, so everyone can join. It really is the best of both worlds – the very special casino atmosphere and then the comfort and flexibility of an online casino.

The best welcome bonuses

Right now there are really good welcome bonuses for new players. It is not unusual to receive up to 100% of your first deposit into your gaming account as a bonus. Other sites offer a cash amount, eg DKK 100 to spend on their games. In fact, they just got even better after the new gambling law came into effect last year. When you receive a welcome bonus, there is often a playthrough requirement. This means that there is a number of times you have to play for the amount of the bonus before you can get the money paid out. In the past, this play-through requirement could be unmanageably high. But now the playthrough requirement on the vast majority of sites is down to 10 times. It may still sound like a lot, but it actually goes surprisingly fast once you start playing.

Because if you have already tried playing online, you probably also know how quickly time flies when you play your favorite game and just have a good flow and can feel that the big win is on its way. So even when you play with your welcome bonus the winnings are still the same. And is deposited directly into your gaming account as in a game with your own bet. It is therefore only the bonus amount that must be converted a certain number of times.

It is safe and secure to play at licensed casinos

As part of the Gambling Act, all online casinos offered in Denmark must be licensed by the Danish Gambling Authority. This might sound a bit boring and cumbersome, but it is actually an advantage for you as a player. The fact that the casino is licensed means that they have undertaken that it is both safe and fair to play there. Rules have therefore been set to ensure that there are fair chances of winning on the games and how they must treat the prize payouts.

When you use your payment card to deposit money at a licensed casino, you can also be sure that your payment information is safe. All deposits and withdrawals are encrypted and thus well protected.

If you should run into problems or questions along the way, customer service is also always nearby. The vast majority of casinos now have more options for contacting their customer service. And to get help in Danish. You can mostly call, write and live chat with them. Then you can immediately get help and get on with what it’s all about – namely relaxing, playing and enjoying life and excitement.

Help for responsible gaming

In the same way, there is also help to find if the game takes over your everyday life. The vast majority of people who play casino online relax with it and enjoy the excitement it provides in everyday life. However, for some people, addiction problems can arise. Some may also have trouble setting limits on how much time and how much money they spend on their games. Therefore, it is possible to both set limits on how much time or money you want to spend on your game. And in the same way, you can also exclude yourself from playing for a period or forever if you can feel that it is getting the better of you.

Protect your information with NemID

When you register as a user at an online casino, you must verify your account with NemID. This is easily and quickly over. There are many advantages for you as a player with this extra security. You can eg be sure that no one else can access your gaming account or that someone can create a gaming account in your name. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to access your account if you lose your password. It therefore provides just the extra security that means you have one less thing to worry about. Then you can just enjoy your game.

The technology is top notch

Online casinos really are both better looking and of higher quality than ever before. It really is something that has to be experienced, how beautiful and attractive the gaming experience can be on the newest games. This can be clearly seen in the slot machines’ fantastic graphics and surprising functions. Or how realistic it can feel to play at a live casino. Here it is as if the dealer is sitting with you in your living room or wherever you play from.

You can experience all this both from your computer and your mobile. Everything is directly in your browser and therefore requires no long and difficult installations. The pages are of course mobile optimized so you can experience the same great quality no matter where and when you want to play. And just to give that extra feeling of quality and make it even easier, more and more casino sites are getting their own app. Here there is direct access to the large selection of games and all the functions of your gaming account. It’s actually like having the entire casino in your pocket, no matter where you are.

Online casino is becoming more and more popular

It is no coincidence that so many people are crazy about playing online. Some people like to enjoy themselves with a well-known game where they can just relax and maybe even earn a little extra money if they are lucky. Others want to get their heart rate up and feel the thrill of betting and winning big. There is something for everyone at the online casino. And with a selection of games bigger than ever before, it’s guaranteed that no one will be bored. There’s always a new game to try.

So if this is the first time you are going to play casino online, then the timing has never been better. And if you are an online casino shark who has been to different sites and played quite a bit, then maybe now is the time to try something new. Both the selection of games, the bonuses and the technology have never been better.

So there is no reason to wait to experience everything the new online casinos can do. There has been a huge development from the time when casino games only took place in real casinos. It is now a really widespread leisure activity for many people. And who knows, maybe it’s you who runs away with the big jackpot.


Conclusion of good casinos

It should be no secret that the Danish casino and games are in the midst of a rapid development and they hold an increasingly large part of the market. Not just the Danish market, but actually the entire Nordic region. It could have something to do with the Danish legislation in the area which ensures that you as a player are not cheated by the casinos. Since it is online, you cannot be sure whether the software being used is not to the advantage of the casinos. You can do that if the online casinos have a Danish license.



Casinoer med høj kundetilfredshed

Det er altid vigtigt at være kritisk overfor et online casino inden man går igang med at oprette en profil.

Der er mange måder at gøre spillerne tilfredse, dog er der også mange måder at gøre det modsatte.

Se vores liste over Gode Casinoer med højeste kundetilfredshed her

Casino bonusser uden kreative regler for omsætning

Reglerne for bonusser kan være virkelig komplicerede og nogle casinoer arbejder decideret med bonusvilkår som egentlig mest af alt er for at snørre spillerne. Fald ikke for den og tjek vores side med bonusser uden kreative regler for omsætning her

Gode Casinoer som har bedre værktøjer til Ansvarligt Spil

Det er vigtigt at have det sjovt når man spiller.

Der er desværre nogle som ikke syntes det er særlig sjovt efterfølgende og du kan undgå at komme i den kategori ved at tage dine forholdsregler.

Se hvilket casino som hjælper dig bedst på vej mod Ansvarligt spil lige her

God Kundeservice som altid er til rådighed

Det er vigtigt at få hjælp, når man har brug for det. Nogle casinoer er simpelthen så små at du må sende en mail og forvente en svartid langt ud over det sædvanlige.

GodeCasinoer giver dig en oversigt over hvilket casino som har god kundeservice som altid er til rådighed for dig og hvor serviceniveauet er højt. Læs mere her

Spil som de andre ikke har. Unikke spil

Er du træt af mainstream spillene som alle de andre har? Er du typen som tager til Roskilde Festival blot for at komme væk fra alle de andre festivaller som har de samme på plakaten hele tiden?

Vi har hjulpet dig, ved at lave en artikel om hvor du kan finde de Gode Casinoer som har flest unikke spil – lige her

Straksoverførsel af mine gevinster

Hvem gider vente på sine penge? Især hvis der er en weekend eller helligdag forude som kan forsinke modtagelsen af dine udbetalinger betydeligt.

Gå til vores artikel som afslører hvor du kan få straksoverført dine gevinster. Læs mere her

Gratis Spins som ikke kræver indbetaling

Hos MrGreen får nye kunder 50 Gratis Cash Spins til spillet Book of Dead.

Der kræves ingen indbetaling og gevinsterne kan udbetales straks efter de er færdigspillet – helt uden omsætningskrav.

Der er løbende tilbud fra MrGreen med Gratis Cash Spins til eksisterende kunder også.

Opret dig og få 50 Cash Free Spins her!

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Hvor kan jeg få mere for mine penge?

Det kan du mest hos MrGreen.

Start jagten på de gode tilbud hos MrGreen her!

Du kan også læse vores artikel om hvor du ellers kan få mere for dine penge når du spiller hos de Gode Casinoer – læs mere lige her


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